Friday, December 24, 2010


I believe that blogging can be a good use of time as a way of helping me to develop my thoughts and as a way of sharing those thoughts in the chance that they are noticed and I would offered the opportunity to become a professional public intellectual or at least that I would be able to give the world some worthwhile thoughts. On the other hand, I believe that blogging is not a good use of time because it leads to too much anonymous arguing that is more personal than duelling articles or books or protests back and forth between people who are addressing a general public and less personal than an actual argument between people who know something about each other. Because of this, I would often get too excited on the internet without accomplishing anything. Sometimes I would do the opposite and ignore ridiculous statements and opinions of other people because I did not want to get too excited for no good reason, even if it may have been possible for me to give the world a worthwhile thought.
Still I might as well try to blog to take advantage of the positive aspects of blogging as opposed to getting to excited about pointless arguments.

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