Monday, January 3, 2011

Southern Sudan and Africa's Present

Here is an article about the planned referendum on the seccession of Southern Sudan and how it may turn out well. That would be nice in a good step for a country that has had too much violence and a victory for the diplomats and politicians from many countries who would have made it happen, along with the millions of people of Sudan.
Many countries in Africa like Sudan have been characterized by an increase in expected violence and poverty since decolonization. That means that, in some cases, decolonization failed, but it does not mean that decolonization should not have been done. The failures of decolonization often may be better than the failures of continued colonization. Of course, this does not apply to every African country. In some countries, decolonization has failed so completely that the country may be better off with continued colonialism. In other countries, however, decolonization has not really failed at all, and the country has a level of peace, prosperity and pride that is above where it would be had it stayed as part of a colonial empire.

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